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Best Sun Protection for Women

We love this wonderfully agreeable top from Mountain Hardwear. The Crater Lake Hoody has pretty much all that you could need in a sun shirt. It shields you from the sun with 50+ UPF texture, has a lightweight hood that fits under a cap, and sports thumbholes you can really utilize regardless of to what extent your arms are. Made of a delicate, satiny polyester/elastane mix, the Crater Lake is incredibly stretchy and madly agreeable. It's dainty enough that it's both ridiculously lightweight and incredibly breathable without being transparent. It's one of only a handful hardly any shirts we ended up joyfully wearing under the blasting sun without moving up the sleeves — and that is a serious deal! This incredible shirt likewise includes a zipped hip pocket and the choice to secure the base shut, similar to your preferred coat, which proves to be useful for reversed exercises like climbing and yoga. It's no big surprise this heavenly piece wins our Editors' Choice Aw…

Checkout The Best 2019 Dry Bags

Taking off for some wet and wild experiences however hoping to keep the water in the stream and out of your stuff? We investigated more than 50 dry sacks and chose the best 11 to buy and test next to each other. From easygoing outings on the lake to flipped kayaks and conscious submersions, we spent a whole summer utilizing and mishandling these sacks to discover which models keep your stuff the dryest, are most appropriate for explicit uses and will hold up to ordinary mileage. We likewise examined each model's highlights, how it packs, how it conveys, and that it is so natural to discover substance inside amid an action. We likewise secured a scope of subtypes from ultralight models to knapsacks and duffels. Regardless of whether you are taking off for a month long trek down the Grand Canyon or simply need to ensure your towel is dry toward the finish of multi day of paddleboarding, this survey will enable you to limit your choice and pick the ideal model for your necessities.

Pros Super solid, totally waterproof Durable, simple to utilize, agreeable to pull around Lightweight, simple to use Durable, extremely waterproof, simple to carry Inexpensive, tough, lightweight

Cons Expensive, rigid Expensive, large Not for use as an independent bag Expensive, awkward for long distances Not totally watertight

Base Line Rugged and flawlessly watertight, this pack is perfect for traveling. This item keeps out water, regardless of how unpleasant and wet things may get. This show is your exemplary lightweight stuff sack with the special reward of waterproof material. This display is anything but difficult to convey and will keep your rigging dry on buckling or canyoneering trips. An cheap model that gives extraordinary water opposition at a sensibly low cost.

Rating Categories YETI Panga 50 Watershed Colorado Duffel eVent Compression Black Canyon Boundary Pack Big

Refreshed January 2019

We tried a large number of sacks to ensure you have the forefront subtleties on all the market brings to the table. The Watershed Colorado Duffel accepting the crown as our Editors' Choice Winner. The YETI Panga took a nearby second and its strength highlights earned it our Top Pick for Travel Dry Pack. For those on a financial plan, the Sea to Summit Big River awed us with its inside and out capacities. Regardless of your picked watersport, we've secured a wide scope of item types so you can locate the correct model for your particular needs.

Best Overall Dry Bag

Watershed Colorado Duffel

Editors' Choice Award


(26% off)

at Backcountry

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Material: Polyurethane-covered nylon | Closure Type: ZipDry

Keeps substance very dry

Simple to pack in

Substantial development

Awkward to convey for long separations

No inward reserve pockets

You can anticipate that your apparatus should remain dry regardless of how raucous the water gets with the Watershed Colorado Duffel, as this pack is worked in view of execution. Its inventive ZipDry seal conclusion joined with its exemplary duffel configuration, make it ideal for medium-term waterway trips. Unloading is a breeze when you are prepared to set up camp, and the agreeable neoprene hold makes pulling it to shore a simple errand. Six hard core, Duraflex D-Rings give various alternatives to connecting it to your specialty and its rock solid material holds up to the mileage of ordinary utilize regardless of your watersport of decision.

At 75.5 liters, this sack is somewhat huge for day excursions and takes up a lot of room in a kayak or on an oar board. It additionally conveys a heavy sticker price of $185.00. For the genuine waterway traveler, be that as it may, the Watershed Colorado Duffel merits the speculation, particularly in the event that you intend to convey costly hydrophobic hardware like gadgets. This model is the ideal sack for the diehard stream goer and is our most loved item in this audit.

Peruse survey: Watershed Colorado

Top Pick for Travel Dry Pack

Sasquatch Panga 50

Top Pick Award


at Backcountry

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Material: Laminated high-thickness nylon | Closure Type: HydroLok zipper

Truly sturdy

Air and watertight

Simple to convey

Inflexible shape


Sasquatch items are known for their solidness and the YETI Panga does not baffle. It's made out of thick, covered, high-thickness nylon and closes through an imaginative HydroLok zipper. This for all intents and purposes bomb-evidence development keeps water out as well as devices air in. With agreeable shoulder ties and a genuinely unbending shape, this sack is a great the movement dry pack.

Outstanding solidness and travel-prepared plan include some significant downfalls. The YETI Panga weighs 5.2 lbs when vacant and brags a weighty sticker price $299.99. These downsides are minor on the off chance that you are transporting hardware in an excessively wet condition or you are searching for a genuinely waterproof, plane prepared, consider every contingency pack for your next universal experience.

Peruse survey: YETI Panga 50

Best Bang for the Buck

Ocean to Summit Big River

Best Buy Award


at REI

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Material: 420D nylon | Closure Type: Roll-top

Tough material


Incredible for day trips

Not 100% watertight

The Sea to Summit Big River includes a great move top structure and is made out of 420D nylon, making it both lightweight and tough. Its material likewise loans to adaptability, so it's anything but difficult to stuff into any accessible cleft on your apparatus. It likewise includes four welded TPU lash patches and two plastic D-rings which enable you to effortlessly affix it to your watercraft of decision.

While it may not be 100% waterproof, the Sea to Summit Big River keeps things totally dry when sprinkled and possibly lets in a negligible measure of water when completely submerged. It may not be your optimal pack in the event that you realize it will invest a great deal of energy in the water or you intend to convey a camera or tablet inside. On the off chance that you intend to utilize it "in the event of some unforeseen issue" and store it on-board your paddleboard or kayak, notwithstanding, the Sea to Summit Big River is the ideal parity of value and cost. We cherished this item for our easygoing outings on the water. Its high scores no matter how you look at it joined with a sticker cost of just $39.95, earned it our Best Buy grant.

Peruse audit: Sea to Summit Big River

Top Pick for Sleeping Bag Stuff Sack

Ocean to Summit eVent Compression

Top Pick Award


(38% off)

at Amazon

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Material: 70D nylon | Closure Type: Roll-top

Stuff sack development

Shockingly waterproof


Not an independent pack

Poor adaptability

Headed on an exploring excursion to the Pacific Northwest or elsewhere with high yearly precipitation? The Sea to Summit eVent Compression is an unquestionable requirement purchase for your camping bed. This stuff sack is strikingly waterproof and will keep your down without water and elevated. The eVent enables air to escape so it can without much of a stretch be compacted however keeps water from wicking back in. It is additionally extremely lightweight, so you can leave your additional ounce stresses at the trailhead.

The Sea to Summit eVent Compression looks simply like a stuff sack and is in this way best treated as one. With no D-rings or other lash focuses and thin, lightweight material, it has a place inside another sack and doesn't work well as a multi-utilize demonstrate. While it may not be amazingly flexible, it exceeds expectations as a waterproof stuff sack and is a great expansion to any hiker's pack. All things considered, who wouldn't like to creep into a dry camping bed toward the finish of a difficult day climbing in the rain?

Peruse survey: Sea To Summit eVent Compression

Examination and Test Results

There are an assortment of essential components to think about when you are on the chase for the ideal dry sack. We put 11 first class models through an attack of testing to best survey where each model sparkled or where it neglected to meet desires. You'll discover the subsequent execution scores in the table above yet continue perusing for a complete breakdown of every metric where we will feature the victors and failures. Make a point to look at our Buying Advice article for a well ordered acquiring guide just as the How We Test article for the mind boggling subtleties of our testing procedure. We likewise offer more top to bottom investigations in every individual item surveys.


We scored these sacks absolutely on their execution attributes. Thusly, purchasers can consider packs that fit inside their financial plan explicitly, at that point settle on the best execution or highlights they can manage. Among dry sacks, a more expensive rate label will for the most part improve pack, yet value contrasts are moderate until the point when you get to the top of the line. The champ of our Best Buy grant, the Sea to Summit Big River, will do well in all conditions spare full submersion for a simple $40. In case you're searching generally advantageous, the Watershed Colorado Duffel and YETI Panga 50 are duffel-style packs that tied for most elevated score. Both will keep your apparatus dry regardless, with the Watershed pulling this off for about $115 not exactly the YETI.

Value versus Execution Comparison















The main role of these items is right in their name - all its your stuff dry. Consequently, waterproofness is the most intensely weighted measurement in this audit and the champs in this classification brought home the more prominent offer of our honors. You may accept anything conveying the name "dry sack" is proposed to keep your stuff 100% dry 100% of the time, however execution in this class changed generally. While a few items are intended to keep water totally out, others are intended to be splashproof and don't hold up to delayed submersion. So as to survey each model's waterproofness, we presented them to different wet conditions. We utilized them for our most loved water sports and oppressed them explicit tests intended to push their points of confinement. A few items satisfied their name, while others didn't admission very too.

Two models tied for big enchilada in this measurement. The Watershed Colorado Duffel, our Editors' Choice, kept our stuff completely dry all through the majority of the testing. The YETI Panga is so watertight, it even caught air inside the sack, gaining it a Top Pick for a Travel Drypack. Regardless of whether looked with sprinkles, all out submersion, or a 160lb man utilizing it as a buoyancy gadget, these two models never let a drop of water inside and no getting away air bubbles were ever noticeable superficially.

The Watershed Colorado Duffel let no rises out and no water in with an entire 30 second submersion.

The Watershed Colorado Duffel let no rises out and no water in with an entire 30 second submersion.

The Sea to Summit eVent Compression astonished us with its remarkable waterproofness. This pack is lightweight and resembles your normal portable bed stuff sack, yet even in the wake of submerging it for more than 30 seconds and hauling through a lake, there was no dampness on the towel inside. Huge amounts of air pockets got away through the eVent, however this one of a kind plan include worked extraordinary to let ventilate yet keep water from getting in.

The eVent enables air to escape however shields water from leaking back in making it simple to stuff and simple to confide in it to keep your portable bed dampness free.

The eVent enables air to escape yet shields water from leaking back in, making it simple to stuff and simple to confide in it to keep your camping bed dampness free.

Another best scorer in this classification was the SealLine Black Canyon Boundary Pack. This item never let water inside and just a couple of little air pockets got away when it was held submerged. The Black Canyon Boundary sports two separate hardening strips at the lip of the sack which help make a progressively strong seal.

The two dark solidifying strips at the highest point of the Black Canyon help make a tight seal.

The two dark solidifying strips at the highest point of the Black Canyon help make a tight seal.

Our Best Buy victor, the Sea to Summit Big River, scored well better than expected in this measurement, however a little measure of dampness seeped inside when it was held under for a drawn out timeframe. Considering this sack isn't planned to deal with submersions this pack surpassed our desire. Just a little corner of the towel was wet in the wake of being completely submerged and a liner measured bit was wet after it was hauled behind an oar board for 30 minutes.

Just a liner estimated bit of our towel was sodden subsequent to being hauled around the lake.

Just a napkin estimated bit of our towel was sodden in the wake of being hauled around the lake.

Ultralight packs are not intended to be totally waterproof, but rather the Osprey Ultralight completed an exceptional activity of keeping stuff dry. While the substance of this model got somewhat soggy subsequent to submerging and hauling this pack around a lake, it scored well better than expected. This pack gives an extraordinary included layer of assurance whenever utilized inside a rucksack in harsh climate. The other ultralight contender, the Outdoor Research Ultralight Dry Sack, didn't hold up very also in this measurement. This model neglected to keep dampness out of our stuff with exposed to substantial sprinkling and the material itself went up against water when it was submerged. While it isn't perfect as an independent item, it may serve best inside another pack as an additional layer of lightweight security.

Indeed, even with a little entire from scraped area our towel just had a couple of spots of dampness in the wake of being completely submerged.

Indeed, even with a modest entire from scraped area, our towel just had a couple of spots of dampness subsequent to being completely submerged.


Regardless of whether you're amidst the stream or clamoring about camp pressing or unloading your rigging, getting to your stuff ought to be encouraged, not upset, by your conveying vessel. We set out to assess that it was so natural to pack each model, how rapidly the stuff inside could be found while the item was being used, and how each model conveyed starting with one area then onto the next.

Usability Rating






Watershed Colorado Duffel

Occasion Compression

Water driven

Sasquatch Panga 50

Earth Pak Original

MARCHWAY Floating 20L

Enormous River

Skog A Kust DrySak 20L

Dark Canyon Boundary


Ultralight Drysack

Ultralight Dry Sack












Product Ease of Use Rating

Watershed Colorado Duffel 9

Occasion Compression 9

Hydraulic 8

Sasquatch Panga 50 7

Earth Pak Original 7

MARCHWAY Floating 20L 7

Huge River 7

Skog A Kust DrySak 20L 7

Dark Canyon Boundary Pack 7

Ultralight Drysack 6

Ultralight Dry Sack 6

By and by, the Watershed Colorado Duffel was at the highest point of the pack. When it is unrolled, this model has an enormous opening that influences it to take after a goliath zip-bolt pack. This shape makes it extremely simple to pack and sort out the apparatus inside. It's more extensive than it is tall so it is anything but difficult to achieve the base. It is likewise easy to open and the wide and low plan makes angling for substance simple. It conveys simply like a duffel sack so nothing excessively uncommon here, yet the neoprene grasp on the conveying lashes is agreeable to hold even with saturated wet hands.

The Watershed Colorado Duffel is a monster zip-bolt that folds into a minimized duffel shape.

The Watershed Colorado Duffel is a monster zip-bolt that folds into a minimized duffel shape.

The Sea to Summit eVent Compression is similarly as simple to stuff a hiking bed inside as a conventional stuff sack. It has all the great structure highlights of your customary stuff sack, with the special reward of keeping water out. A simple to-utilize, waterproof model with a stuff sack explicit structure earned it a Top Pick as a camping bed stuff sack.

Stuffing the Sea to Summit eVent Compression is as simple as some other camping bed stuff sack to pack.

Stuffing the Sea to Summit eVent Compression is as simple as some other portable bed stuff sack to pack.

The Sea to Summit Hydraulic highlights a removable rucksack style outfit that makes for an extraordinary sans hands conveying alternative. Sling it behind you and free up your hands for portaging your kayak or transporting your oar board to and from the parking garage. The outfit is additionally excessively simple to expel in the event that you are searching for a progressively standard plan. It packs like other progressively conventional models with an expansive round and hollow shape and an opening just at the best, yet its one of a kind conveying style earned it a best score in this class.

The Sea to Summit Hydraulic flaunts an agreeable knapsack outline that is anything but difficult to evacuate.

The Sea to Summit Hydraulic flaunts an agreeable rucksack outline that is anything but difficult to expel.

Our two most minimal scoring models in this measurement were the Osprey Ultralight and the Outdoor Research Ultralight. While pressing and anchoring these two items is a straightforward undertaking, they require the security of an extra sack or pack for legitimate use and don't fill in as independent sacks.

The YETI Panga scored better than expected in this class, yet contrasted with alternate measurements, this is the place this model neglected to sparkle. The single midline zipper makes pressing and unloading this model somewhat like Tetris. As difficult as getting things all through this model might be, the semi-unbending structure gives somewhat of a support and makes it perfect for conveying increasingly touchy apparatus like camera gear.


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